Embroidery + Brad Bergslien


The news is out! Duluth Screen Printing has entered the embroidery game! We’re now accepting orders for all embroidery jobs. Headwear, hoodies, jackets… The possibilities are endless. Pair this up with our screen-printing capabilities and your vision is as good as complete. We’ve brought on a stellar addition to the team to act as embroidery manager. Brad Bergslien is the owner and founder of Harmonic Goods. He’s a driven outdoorsmen with an eye for detail and quality standards. Check out his interview below and get your orders in for your next embroidery project today!


DSP: What is your favorite part of the embroidery/decoration process?

BB: Seeing all the machine heads working in sync for sure. Coming from a sewing background, I always liked a sewing machine’s ability to poke holes in a variety of materials while locking a stitch. And so, between the diversity of garments and the machines timely output, I'm just plain excited!

DSP: Where are you from?

BB: Corcoran, MN

DSP: How old are you?

BB: Not the oldest here, but next in line!

DSP: Cats or Dogs?

BB: It's quite unnerving to live with a natural-born killer stalking around the house, and dogs are like toddlers...but who am I kidding, I love them both!

DSP: Do you put sauces on everything or nothing?

BB: Hot sauce or no sauce!

DSP: What excited you most about joining Duluth Screen Printing?

BB: The youthful, hardworking crew seems to have so much potential and the vibe feels very conducive for growth!

DSP: Favorite activity to do in Duluth during the summertime?

BB: Camping up the shore with my family and fly-fishing whenever I can.

DSP: Any hidden talents?

BB: I barefooted once...and retired to dabbling in some combination of fly fishing, board-sports, biking, climbing, and the like.

DSP: If you had to recommend a style of cap to a customer, what would it be?

BB: Currently the Richardson 112FP - embroiders super clean!

threadcolors 222.jpg

Getting Artwork: The Low-Down

So you want to get some shirts printed. The vision is there. Now you’re stuck wondering, “how?” Screen printing involves artwork. That artwork can be purely words, single-color, multi-color, image-based, and anything else your imagination can dream up. If it’s an image, chances are it can be printed in some fashion. Here’s our take on the Top 3 ways you can come ready to print with your artwork.

#1 Draw It!
Maybe the most original way to get artwork is to draw it! If you’re artistically inclined (or even if you aren’t) you can draw up your artwork and send a scan of it our way. We can work off of your sketch and create a refined file that is ready for printing!


#2 Pay For It!

Maybe you’re looking for a particular style… Think Van Gogh vs. Picasso. If you know someone who is an illustrator, artist, or designer, contact them and ask if they’ll create you a commission work. Prices can vary depending on the expertise and skill level of the artist but you’ll get a defined final product that is yours and yours alone.


#3 We’ll Design It For You!
Duluth Screen Printing has a staff of skilled designers who have created many iconic branding elements, logos, and artworks for a wide variety of clientele. Designing with Duluth Screen Printing involves setting up an appointment to discuss your needs. Once a design direction is approved, pricing is per hour and once complete, you’ll have a print-ready file that is 100% yours!

Live Printing at 310 Pub

Last week we joined 310 Pub for the Suds for Bubbles fundraiser. This event helped raise money to benefit pediatric cancer. We were extremely excited to come in and print shirts for such a meaningful event.


Live printing is a great way to add a new dynamic to your event or fundraiser. Why just sell shirts when you can watch them be printed, on-site, and choose your colors and ink. You and your audience get a behind-the-scenes look at the printing process in all its glory.


Businesses like Adidas, Target, AT&T offer live-printing at many of their specialty events. Why?

This gives your audience a unique opportunity to personally create a one-of-a-kind shirt that is only available at your event. This builds incentive, interest, and awareness. The only way to score one of these tees is to join the event in person, encouraging guest attendance and participation.


Live Screen Printing brings a level of craftsmanship to your apparel and thus, to your brand. Take our word for it, screen-printing on-site brings a truly unique experience to your customers that heat-press methods can’t attain. So often do customers go from place to place seeing products on shelves, so why not bring a different dynamic to your products!


Interested in hosting a live print for your event? Send us an email with the details of your event and any accompanying artwork you’d like on your tees. We’ll respond and get you all the information you’ll need and before you know it, you’ll have the hottest event on the block with live-printed apparel from Duluth Screen Printing company!


The future of printing has arrived at Duluth Screen Printing.
We’re proud to introduce our new machine, the ROQ You XL 12.


That’s right, we’re talking TWELVE heads on this fully-automatic press.
What does that mean for you?
It means we can handle your job faster, more efficiently, and with the expertise only a machine of this caliber can offer.


Faster turnaround times = Faster offering of your product to customers.
Experience the difference a ROQ machine can bring to your screen-printing job.
Want to get started? Head over to our QUOTE page to get this ROQ rolling!


Top 5 Tees to Screen-Print

So you want to get some shirts printed for your business. Your old print shop hands over a MASSIVE catalog of t-shirts with little to no explanation of what to look for. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and are all about working smarter, not harder here at Duluth Screen Printing. Here’s our picks for the Top 5 Tees to Screen-Print. You’re welcome.


Meet the most affordable premium tee on the market. Tons of color options, soft with a tubular fit and complete with a TearAway label for easy-relabeling!



Tri-blend means more reasons for you to love this tee by District Made. The most durable, super-soft tee on the market. Three yarns for a perfect, easy-going fit.



Color options you can’t find anywhere else at a great, affordable price. Garment dyed means providing a naturally-worn look for a casual, unique t-shirt option.


We aren’t playing around here. The CVC (standing for Chief Value Cotton) is one of our top-rated tees from our clients. The right price. The right fit. The right color assortment. A slam dunk.


Our #1 pick for the best tee to screen-print? The Bella + Canvas Triblend tee wins it hands down. Why? It has the highest thread count so your prints come out looking stellar. Featuring a TearAway label, this is the tee that will have your customers turning heads wherever they go.

How to Screen Print On A Budget

Alright everyone, here is the deal with screen printing on a budget. You can spend as little as $100 on getting a basement print shop rolling. If that’s your budget, stop reading because this isn’t for you.

in order to really enjoy and actually screen print, you must invest in some quality equipment to ensure you can successfully print. Here are my top 5 tips for screen printing on a budget,


1) Start with a 4x4 Manual Press: $300-$1,200


-Don’t waste your money on a smaller or larger press. Get a 4 station 4 color. It will do all that you need and it will last you a long time. I’d recommend a Workhorse. 


2) Get a used  exposure unit. 

-Emulsion is expensive and so is time. Get a nice or used exposure unit to ensure your are hitting your times right. 


3) Buy used ink  

-Lots of people try and fail. When they fail, they sell. Buy that used ink because it lasts forever and you can save a lot of money on it. eBay always has some deals. 

 4) Buy new Screens 

 -Used screens will end up costing you more in the long run. If you don’t wanna fuss with emulsion, order pre-coated screens from Ryonet.com 


5) EBay  


When you need more supplies go to EBay and find some. You will always upgrade but passing up hot deals will bite you! 




The Softest Custom T-Shirts

Tri Blend Is The New King Of T-Shirts

Have you caught yourself looking at t-shirts in a store and when you went to feel it, it felt like sandpaper in your hands? That’s how much of us are feeling now-a-days with the tri-blend shirt becoming more and more popular over the traditional cotton shirt.

The reason behind why tri-blend shirts are becoming increasingly popular? The feel of the shirt. Tri-blend shirts are made out of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% Rayon. That makes the shirt softer. Tri-Blend shirts also have more of a “distressed” look to them, whereas cotton shirts are traditionally more of a solid color.

Once you have one shirt in your closet that’s tri-blend, you’ll want all your shirts that way. It’s addicting. Like when you finally get nice bed sheets for the first time with a nice thread count. There’s no going back after you’ve experienced that luxury.


Live Screen Printing

Live Printing At Events

People love things that are custom. It’s a great feeling. Have you gone to a movie theater recently and when you go to get something to drink, they have these “freestyle” machines that have a bunch of choices and combos you can put into your cup? It’s crazy, you feel like you have the soft drink world in the palm of your hand during that time.

That’s the feeling we want you to feel when we’re at a live event. We want you to come up and see the options we have for you. The color of your shirt, the type of writing you want on the shirt, etc. Getting these options are fine when you’re ordering something online. It’s nice to see the choices pop up on the screen and you scroll past. But seeing your own custom choice come to life in front of you? That’s a whole new level of satisfaction.

From the shop, to the road. Live printing gives you the opportunity to make a huge difference in how you order product for an event.  

From the shop, to the road. Live printing gives you the opportunity to make a huge difference in how you order product for an event.  

5 Reasons I Get My Custom Screen Print T-Shirts Through Duluth Screen Printing


My name is Josh and I run a small website that deals with Minnesota sports. When I wanted to get some shirts for my website, I wanted to have a hand in the process. I googled “custom t-shirts” and luckily found Duluth Screen Printing. I contacted the owner, Ian, and he quickly got back to me. Since this first meeting, I have multiple orders through Duluth Screen Printing and cannot recommend them enough. Here are 5 reasons that I keep coming back to them for my orders:

  1. An Easy Process: From the first email that I sent to the final pick up of the shirts, I never once had to worry about anything getting lost in translation with the order. The form that I filled out and the experience coming from DSP made everything super smooth to completion.

  2. Design Help: I had the idea of the shirt I wanted to make, but lacked the skills to put it on paper. For a small fee, Duluth Screen Printing was able to help hook me up with a graphic designer that helped bring my idea to fruition.i

  3. Customer Service: I had more orders than I had in stock and was worried I wouldn’t be able to fulfill them. Not 15 minutes after I sent an email to Duluth Screen Printing to ask about reordering, I had an email back saying it wouldn’t be an issue and I could pick up my restock tomorrow.

  4. Quality of T-Shirt: I was given multiple options when it came to quality. I was extremely happy to spend the little extra it took to get my shirts made on insanely comfortable shirts. To have the option to upgrade quality is a big deal for me, and it should be for everyone.

  5. Quick Completion: The whole process was easy as could be. In under a week from my first email to Duluth Screen Printing, I was holding the first custom t-shirt I ordered. There’s something special when you have an idea for a shirt and you see it in person.

I really cannot recommend this company enough if you’re looking for custom screen printed t-shirts. They are going to take care of you more than bigger companies and make sure that you get the best possible product possible. 

Crafting Custom Tees: #001

The Life of an Entrepreneur - An open letter from Ian Scherber, CEO & Founder. 

Chapter 1: The Start

Hello Everyone- 

I thought I would finally put this down into writing. A twisted little tale that includes every type of emotion possible.

I first started screen printing custom tees when I was attending Proctor High School. I needed some income and asked the local lumber yard for work. Little did I know that hours later I would be putting on my first set of Gildan box fit tees. The football team was playing their rivals, the Hermantown hawks and t-shirts were needed to celebrate the event. "Hawks Taste Like Chicken" was pushed through a 156 mesh screen from Ryonet in Rutland Green. It was a smell that I would never forget. Plastisol burning the midnight oil.

Over the next three years I spent time designing, creating, crafting, pushing and pulling. All of these things valued equally. However, it was the chatting with customers that drove the flame. I was fixated on it and it lead to a unique type of sales. A type of sales that has stuck with me and that is customer service first, sales. Since day one I wanted to be in the reorder business and not the selling  business. It is those that sell that leave gaps and cracks open for competition to seep in and take what is open. If you have the right customer service and product, you are in the reorder business. (Anyway) It was a time of vast creativity and I put everything I had into it. It lead me to the realization that business was my calling and that college was possible. I set a little amount of money aside and packed my bags for Collegeville, MN. I was off to St. John's University to study Global Business Leadership. I thought my days of printing were long gone but it was the foundation to Duluth Screen Printing. 



The nitty gritty start that sparked it all. 

The nitty gritty start that sparked it all. 

Great Lakes X Duluth Screen Printing

Last week we had the pleasure to knock out some product for our friends over at Great Lakes Clothing Collection.(https://www.greatlakescollection.com/

Custom apparel inside Minnesota is something we are proud about. Great Lakes Collection produces some of the finest apparel in the U.S. and printing it in Duluth is everything for us. We strive to print custom t-shirts in Minnesota but when we do it for friends, it's fun.  

For this print we pushed Wilflex Lava by Ryonet through a 156 mesh. The lines stayed clean the custom t-shirt graphic maintained its vivid detail. We also used CII Photopolymer emulsion for the custom screen print and it made printing a breeze. We softened up the ink by using some softener to increase the soft hand! Overall, it was a fun print and it was powered by Ryonet and workhorse. Overall, we love Screen Printing in Duluth by using the finest materials.  


Ink: Wilflex Lava by Ryonet.com 



Frame Size: 24 x 20  

Mesh Size: 156  

Emulsion: CCI Photopolymer  

Press: Workhorse 6/6 



Lakeside X Duluth Screen Printing

Lakeside Clothing Co is a company we print custom tees for! They are in Scheels, Herbergers and Yonkers. They have grown from a small startup to a premium brand that is sold nation wide. We met up with the owner, Kyle Antilla, to ask him a few questions about printing and what it means to there business. "Our printer is our partner", Antilla noted during our conversation. He constantly reiterated the fact that without a solid printer on board, making custom tees in a saturated market would be difficult. We focused on quality ink, quality fabric and a quality cut. These main features make the custom apparel we print for Lakeside a next generation brand. Overall, we love knocking out custom apparel and custom tees for Lakeside! 


Chapter ii

Building a custom t-shirt in Duluth requires space. Therefore, the next chapter for Duluth Screen Printing has begun. We have found our new facility just 5 blocks away from our current shop. It is 7,000 square feet of pure custom t-shirt printing power! Our new location will help us create higher quality tees, quicker. Mostly, it will help us become a paramount tee provider in Minnesota. Custom tees are more than just printwear. They are a symbol of art, hard work and craftsmanship. Cheers to the future and let chapter ii be a wild ride!  


Keeping it local X Duluth Screen Printing Co



Duluth Screen Printing Co was founded in Duluth and has been thriving here since the beginning. Ian Scherber chose the city of Duluth to build his company in because he wanted to enrich and strengthen the community he was raised in. Duluth is the foundation for manufacturing in Minnesota and has a strong heritage of hard work and craftsmanship, making it the perfect place to call home. The area also has a rich history in manual labor and therefore Ian knew he could find a great workforce here. We choose to work with other local businesses so we can build strong and meaningful relationships with those we will be around for many years. A few of those companies that we have been working with recently and frequently are Heck of the North Productions, Bella Flora, Pizza Luce, Bend Tec, and all the local high schools. Every dollar spent at a locally owned and operated business returns into our economy three times more than a dollar spent at a big chain business. Building a business that can create a positive impact on the community is not easy, but Duluth Screen Printing Co has had some great companies to look up to. Patagonia, Loll Designs, Simms, and Virgin Group are all larger businesses that have influenced our small business decisions.