The Superior Benefits of Organic Cotton: Where Sustainability Begins

 Looking Beyond the Stockholders—Responsibility to the Community

We believe businesses owe responsibility to more than just their stockholders.  For this reason, we commit our business to protecting the health of communities and their ecosystems by urging our customers to utilize organic cotton in their orders while doing business with us.  We believe responsible businesses sustain themselves into the future while also sustaining local communities and the environment they depend on. Naturally then, organic cotton appealed to us as the only sustainable choice for manufacturing our goods. 


Benefits of Organic Cotton—Beyond Chemicals

Although conventionally grown cotton only amounts to a small fraction of crops grown throughout the world, it uses a large amount of chemicals relative to the size of arable land it grows on.  Unlike conventionally grown cotton, organic cotton does not require the use of any chemicals in its cultivation, which carries with it several benefits for the producers, the consumers, and the planet.  By not using chemicals, organic cotton helps protect those who farm it, handle it, and wear it from getting sick due to chemical exposure.  No chemical use also means cleaner ground water, which protects the health of the surrounding community members, including native plants and animals.


Cotton & Community—Looking Beyond the Economic Cost

Yes, organic cotton incurs a slightly extra financial cost to produce since organic farmers require more labor to keep weeds and pests under control without the use of chemicals, but we know this cost pays off in the end.  By hiring more labor to manage and work on their farms, organic farmers help employ local community members who can then afford to live and spend money in their local communities.  In this way, organic cotton helps us commit to the support and development of communities and businesses we interact with and depend on.  True, we pay a bit more for organic cotton, but it enables us to create a longer lasting product of superior quality while also helping our business and other businesses around the country practice sustainable commerce. Organic cotton holds us responsible to the health of those around us and, for that reason; we consider it the superior choice.