New Beginnings: Taking on the Responsibility of Building A Sustainable Business

The Big Question of “Why?”

As human beings, we often make decisions we feel have a sense of purpose.  You can usually assume that most if not all decisions, to some degree, whether we realize it or not, contain everything from a dash of to large amount of purpose.  The decision to start Duluth Screen Printing Co. proves no exception in this sense.  When making the decision to found the company, we didn’t so much ask the question of “Why?” but rather the question of “What?”—What is our purpose? Well, we found it.


Value, Purpose, & Meaning

In a world where businesses all to often prioritize numbers and profits over people, community, quality, and the environment, we found our purpose in creating a more sustainable and responsible business.  We aim to redirect business towards the goal of creating value rather than creating ways of exploiting people.  By manufacturing goods of superior quality through sustainable means on a local basis, we discovered and continue to find ways our business adds true value to society. If people offer us their time, labor, and money, we intent to reward that trust and exchange something of value in return—a superior product manufactured in a sustainable way. 


A Responsible Take on Business—The Superior Way

In our business, we look beyond profits.  Financial profit proves necessary for all businesses, which must make profit a goal in order to survive and continue providing value to their customers, but businesses must also realize they profit and the world profits even more from responsible decisions.  Businesses must realize this responsibility and wake up to the challenge of holding themselves accountable to long-term benefits for everyone involved in business on every level rather than just short-term gains for a select few. 


Building A Sustainable Future

At Duluth Screen Printing Co., we believe businesses should create lasting benefits and value for their customers, employees, and the planet into the future.  With this in mind, we consider sustainable business decisions that allow for everyone involved on every level to benefit.  This includes everyone form those who buy our clothes to those who manufacture them to the farmer and the earth that produce the material in its very basic form. By sourcing our products using the most sustainable means possible, we commit ourselves to providing true value to those we interact with.  That’s not just something to be proud of.  That’s our responsibility as a business.