Keeping it local X Duluth Screen Printing Co



Duluth Screen Printing Co was founded in Duluth and has been thriving here since the beginning. Ian Scherber chose the city of Duluth to build his company in because he wanted to enrich and strengthen the community he was raised in. Duluth is the foundation for manufacturing in Minnesota and has a strong heritage of hard work and craftsmanship, making it the perfect place to call home. The area also has a rich history in manual labor and therefore Ian knew he could find a great workforce here. We choose to work with other local businesses so we can build strong and meaningful relationships with those we will be around for many years. A few of those companies that we have been working with recently and frequently are Heck of the North Productions, Bella Flora, Pizza Luce, Bend Tec, and all the local high schools. Every dollar spent at a locally owned and operated business returns into our economy three times more than a dollar spent at a big chain business. Building a business that can create a positive impact on the community is not easy, but Duluth Screen Printing Co has had some great companies to look up to. Patagonia, Loll Designs, Simms, and Virgin Group are all larger businesses that have influenced our small business decisions.