Crafting Custom Tees: #001

The Life of an Entrepreneur - An open letter from Ian Scherber, CEO & Founder. 

Chapter 1: The Start

Hello Everyone- 

I thought I would finally put this down into writing. A twisted little tale that includes every type of emotion possible.

I first started screen printing custom tees when I was attending Proctor High School. I needed some income and asked the local lumber yard for work. Little did I know that hours later I would be putting on my first set of Gildan box fit tees. The football team was playing their rivals, the Hermantown hawks and t-shirts were needed to celebrate the event. "Hawks Taste Like Chicken" was pushed through a 156 mesh screen from Ryonet in Rutland Green. It was a smell that I would never forget. Plastisol burning the midnight oil.

Over the next three years I spent time designing, creating, crafting, pushing and pulling. All of these things valued equally. However, it was the chatting with customers that drove the flame. I was fixated on it and it lead to a unique type of sales. A type of sales that has stuck with me and that is customer service first, sales. Since day one I wanted to be in the reorder business and not the selling  business. It is those that sell that leave gaps and cracks open for competition to seep in and take what is open. If you have the right customer service and product, you are in the reorder business. (Anyway) It was a time of vast creativity and I put everything I had into it. It lead me to the realization that business was my calling and that college was possible. I set a little amount of money aside and packed my bags for Collegeville, MN. I was off to St. John's University to study Global Business Leadership. I thought my days of printing were long gone but it was the foundation to Duluth Screen Printing. 



The nitty gritty start that sparked it all. 

The nitty gritty start that sparked it all.