Great Lakes X Duluth Screen Printing

Last week we had the pleasure to knock out some product for our friends over at Great Lakes Clothing Collection.(

Custom apparel inside Minnesota is something we are proud about. Great Lakes Collection produces some of the finest apparel in the U.S. and printing it in Duluth is everything for us. We strive to print custom t-shirts in Minnesota but when we do it for friends, it's fun.  

For this print we pushed Wilflex Lava by Ryonet through a 156 mesh. The lines stayed clean the custom t-shirt graphic maintained its vivid detail. We also used CII Photopolymer emulsion for the custom screen print and it made printing a breeze. We softened up the ink by using some softener to increase the soft hand! Overall, it was a fun print and it was powered by Ryonet and workhorse. Overall, we love Screen Printing in Duluth by using the finest materials.  


Ink: Wilflex Lava by 



Frame Size: 24 x 20  

Mesh Size: 156  

Emulsion: CCI Photopolymer  

Press: Workhorse 6/6