5 Reasons I Get My Custom Screen Print T-Shirts Through Duluth Screen Printing


My name is Josh and I run a small website that deals with Minnesota sports. When I wanted to get some shirts for my website, I wanted to have a hand in the process. I googled “custom t-shirts” and luckily found Duluth Screen Printing. I contacted the owner, Ian, and he quickly got back to me. Since this first meeting, I have multiple orders through Duluth Screen Printing and cannot recommend them enough. Here are 5 reasons that I keep coming back to them for my orders:

  1. An Easy Process: From the first email that I sent to the final pick up of the shirts, I never once had to worry about anything getting lost in translation with the order. The form that I filled out and the experience coming from DSP made everything super smooth to completion.

  2. Design Help: I had the idea of the shirt I wanted to make, but lacked the skills to put it on paper. For a small fee, Duluth Screen Printing was able to help hook me up with a graphic designer that helped bring my idea to fruition.i

  3. Customer Service: I had more orders than I had in stock and was worried I wouldn’t be able to fulfill them. Not 15 minutes after I sent an email to Duluth Screen Printing to ask about reordering, I had an email back saying it wouldn’t be an issue and I could pick up my restock tomorrow.

  4. Quality of T-Shirt: I was given multiple options when it came to quality. I was extremely happy to spend the little extra it took to get my shirts made on insanely comfortable shirts. To have the option to upgrade quality is a big deal for me, and it should be for everyone.

  5. Quick Completion: The whole process was easy as could be. In under a week from my first email to Duluth Screen Printing, I was holding the first custom t-shirt I ordered. There’s something special when you have an idea for a shirt and you see it in person.

I really cannot recommend this company enough if you’re looking for custom screen printed t-shirts. They are going to take care of you more than bigger companies and make sure that you get the best possible product possible.