Embroidery + Brad Bergslien


The news is out! Duluth Screen Printing has entered the embroidery game! We’re now accepting orders for all embroidery jobs. Headwear, hoodies, jackets… The possibilities are endless. Pair this up with our screen-printing capabilities and your vision is as good as complete. We’ve brought on a stellar addition to the team to act as embroidery manager. Brad Bergslien is the owner and founder of Harmonic Goods. He’s a driven outdoorsmen with an eye for detail and quality standards. Check out his interview below and get your orders in for your next embroidery project today!


DSP: What is your favorite part of the embroidery/decoration process?

BB: Seeing all the machine heads working in sync for sure. Coming from a sewing background, I always liked a sewing machine’s ability to poke holes in a variety of materials while locking a stitch. And so, between the diversity of garments and the machines timely output, I'm just plain excited!

DSP: Where are you from?

BB: Corcoran, MN

DSP: How old are you?

BB: Not the oldest here, but next in line!

DSP: Cats or Dogs?

BB: It's quite unnerving to live with a natural-born killer stalking around the house, and dogs are like toddlers...but who am I kidding, I love them both!

DSP: Do you put sauces on everything or nothing?

BB: Hot sauce or no sauce!

DSP: What excited you most about joining Duluth Screen Printing?

BB: The youthful, hardworking crew seems to have so much potential and the vibe feels very conducive for growth!

DSP: Favorite activity to do in Duluth during the summertime?

BB: Camping up the shore with my family and fly-fishing whenever I can.

DSP: Any hidden talents?

BB: I barefooted once...and retired to dabbling in some combination of fly fishing, board-sports, biking, climbing, and the like.

DSP: If you had to recommend a style of cap to a customer, what would it be?

BB: Currently the Richardson 112FP - embroiders super clean!

threadcolors 222.jpg