Getting Artwork: The Low-Down

So you want to get some shirts printed. The vision is there. Now you’re stuck wondering, “how?” Screen printing involves artwork. That artwork can be purely words, single-color, multi-color, image-based, and anything else your imagination can dream up. If it’s an image, chances are it can be printed in some fashion. Here’s our take on the Top 3 ways you can come ready to print with your artwork.

#1 Draw It!
Maybe the most original way to get artwork is to draw it! If you’re artistically inclined (or even if you aren’t) you can draw up your artwork and send a scan of it our way. We can work off of your sketch and create a refined file that is ready for printing!


#2 Pay For It!

Maybe you’re looking for a particular style… Think Van Gogh vs. Picasso. If you know someone who is an illustrator, artist, or designer, contact them and ask if they’ll create you a commission work. Prices can vary depending on the expertise and skill level of the artist but you’ll get a defined final product that is yours and yours alone.


#3 We’ll Design It For You!
Duluth Screen Printing has a staff of skilled designers who have created many iconic branding elements, logos, and artworks for a wide variety of clientele. Designing with Duluth Screen Printing involves setting up an appointment to discuss your needs. Once a design direction is approved, pricing is per hour and once complete, you’ll have a print-ready file that is 100% yours!