The Softest Custom T-Shirts

Tri Blend Is The New King Of T-Shirts

Have you caught yourself looking at t-shirts in a store and when you went to feel it, it felt like sandpaper in your hands? That’s how much of us are feeling now-a-days with the tri-blend shirt becoming more and more popular over the traditional cotton shirt.

The reason behind why tri-blend shirts are becoming increasingly popular? The feel of the shirt. Tri-blend shirts are made out of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% Rayon. That makes the shirt softer. Tri-Blend shirts also have more of a “distressed” look to them, whereas cotton shirts are traditionally more of a solid color.

Once you have one shirt in your closet that’s tri-blend, you’ll want all your shirts that way. It’s addicting. Like when you finally get nice bed sheets for the first time with a nice thread count. There’s no going back after you’ve experienced that luxury.