Screen Printing

The classic take on garment decoration. Developed thousands of years ago and still the most effective and efficient way to bring creations to life. We offer an array of styles that are suitable for any graphic or aesthetic you are trying to achieve. We also offer an array of inks that enable us to get exactly what you looking for, with the right color. Call in to chat about any of our screen printing capabilities.



New for 2019, we’re bringing a whole new option for embellishing your garments: Embroidery. Tried and true, embroidery is a go-to option for headwear, apparel, bags and so much more. We offer a wide variety of thread colors and can bring your logo to life through direct embroidery. Give us a call to get started.

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Direct To Garment

The DTG is a full color print system that can turn any challenging print into a success. The high resolution allows for a print that is 4x sharper than the classic screen print. If you are looking for a new way to bring products to life, a sample or a few tees, opt for DTG!

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Custom Graphics

Each project has its own obstacles and with our in-house design staff, we can help you get over the biggest one... artwork! We have a full art department that can take your napkin drawing to life. This process may take a little longer but you are getting 100% original artwork.

Get creative and use our design studio to start from scratch and tackle your artwork, on your own! Its ease of use is combined with a rich amount of text/graphic options, ultimately, leaving your design refined and professional.

Additional Services

Stock Images
Looking for a lighting fast way to get your project up and printed? Choose from our stock images and let that guide your project to print. This is the fastest way for us to ensure you can get a custom piece of artwork 

Live Printing
Looking to impress a crowd of people and reduce the hassle of inventory? Our live-printing setup allows for that! We come to you and print on-site. Each project is different but we see the most success with crowds of 500+. We require a minimum order of 30 shirts at $10 each to cover costs, setup and transportation. We implemented this setup to ensure that we are always printing; because when we are, we find it to be very successful in selling more tees.

Apparel Consultation
As a printer, we know the ins and outs of the print industry and most brands. In fact, we print for them! If you are ever looking to start up your own brand or improve on existing apparel, reach out and we will be happy to consult you with our tips and tricks. After all, its a free conversation. 

Fundraising & Online Stores
If you are looking to raise money or get a large portion of your customer base to order apparel, look no further. We can setup an online store that can be designed to fundraise or to fulfill a void of apparel. We typically host a variety of products for a two week time period. Reach out to a staff member today and get your site planned. Lets make some tees!