Who We Are

Inspired by the very name of the Great Lake upon the shores of which we were founded, Duluth Screen Printing Co. strives to provide products of superior quality through sustainable means.  We handcraft our goods from the best material we can find with the intent of not only limiting our impact on the environment but also producing a product that survives continued use.  We commit ourselves to conducting business on a local scale and to supporting the health of the communities in which we operate and owe our thanks to.  We aim to make products that last and we hold on to the belief that t-shirts are meant to be t-shirts, not rags, and so we design them as such.    

The 24/7 Deal

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Our Promise To You

We believe that at its very heart, business aims to increase the wealth of society overall.  We believe that as human beings, we share, interact, and trust one another in the hopes that our exchanges will lead to mutual benefits for all parties rather than the exploitation of one group at the expense of the other.  Because our customers trust us to increase and provide value to society through responsible decisions, we promise to conduct our business in a way that keeps in mind sustainability and superior quality at every level of how we do business.  We believe that when you pour love and respect into what you do, you create something of more than just economic value.  You create something of human value.  We promise our customers to weave love into every stitch and produce goods of superior quality that will last well into the future.  By choosing sustainable business practices, choosing the best materials, and ensuring quality on every level, we promise to show our customers how the small things become immense in the positive differences they can make. 


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Why Go Local?

The benefits of producing our goods locally and domestically go beyond just providing a livelihood for individuals living and working in the US.  By crafting our products in Duluth, Minnesota, we reduce the distance our products travel to get from the shop to the customer. In this way, we reduce the amount of pollution otherwise created from energy consumed in shipping our goods. Choosing to manufacture here in the US means that “shipping” our products to our customers does not require the use of any ships at all.  As residents of Duluth, we like boats too, but only as far as using them to enjoy a day on Lake Superior. 


Why Better Materials?

Simply put, better materials allow for longer lasting products.  By urging the use of organic cotton and by utilizing water-based ink, we create products that last longer and keep the environment healthy for current and future generations. Creating clothing using the finest materials means that our customers will enjoy products that don’t wear out as fast.  This decreases the demand for new clothing and allows our customers to reduce their own impact on the environment by lessening the amount of resources they consume as individuals.


Why Go Organic?

Although organic cotton bears a slightly higher financial cost, we know the benefits prove worth it.  In the end, organic cotton costs the environment less and the consumer less because it creates comfortable and healthy material that allows our products to last longer than those made of conventional cotton.  These longer lasting products reduce waste and consumption in the end and allow us to conduct business in a sustainable manner by supporting farmers committed to local production and stewardship of the land.  By refraining from the use of chemicals, farmers who grow cotton organically greatly reduce the environmental pollution associated with conventional cotton.  While we do offer other options besides organic cotton, we highly suggest our customers join the movement and go organic for the health and longevity of the planet we all share.