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Affordabilitee Quick Quote

Try out our Affordabilitee Quick Quote that instantly gives you a quote by only inserting the number of shirts you want and the number of colors your design is.

Superior Quality

Inspired by the very name of the Great Lake upon the shores of which we were founded, Duluth Screen Printing Co. strives to provide products of superior quality through sustainable means. We commit ourselves to conducting business on a local scale and to supporting the health of the communities in which we operate and owe our thanks to.  We aim to make products that last and we hold on to the belief that t-shirts are meant to be t-shirts, not rags, and so we design them as such. 


Why us?

Customer Centric

It’s simple. Day in and day out, we care about the customer. It's who we are and who we will always be. We see ourselves as an entity of your company/brand and for that reason, we genuinely care about the product. Feel free to give us a call and start building that relationship today.

The Product & Print

Keep customer happy and print on shirts that won’t become rags. If we wouldn’t wear it, we won’t print it. We care deeply about the products we produce and we stand behind each garment we recommend. On the print side, there is a million different things you can do. Our trusted staff will fine tune your project to ensure we get the best print possible. Count on it.  

The Price

It's all about commitment when it comes to our business model. If we can keep the price down, you can too.. That means you have more room for ordering more, selling for less or simply handing tees out. If you order more, we print more. For that reason, we are always willing to talk about price and figure out the best way to us to get your price, right where you want it.


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