The Process

1. All Projects Start with a Simple Conversation

In order for us to properly tackle your project, we need the correct info. We obtain this information via email, phone call and having you fill out our online quote form.

  • Do you have existing artwork or will we be creating it for you?

  • What type of Garment are you looking for?

  • Price Range or Budget

  • Quality of Garment

  • How Many Colors

  • What type of print style are you looking for?

  • Where do you want your graphic printed?  

  • How Many are you looking for?

  • Sizing of Shirts

2. Product Selection

After obtaining some info, we can provide you with garment recommendations that will best suit your project. This will help you discover exactly what you were looking for.

3. Artwork

You will send the already created art work files and we will prepare it for print. If you do not have artwork, no worries! We have an in-house design team ready to develop original artwork.

4. Proof & Quote

As soon as you are happy with the product and artwork, we create a simple art proof that outlines your order. From there you can make adjustments to the color, size or even the art itself. If you love what you see, we kick it into our quote system for your final approval of the entire order. When we get your approval on the art proof, we send over a final project review that contains all the information we collected, the art and the price. If you approve, we get it into production.

5. Screen Print

This is the fun part. Your project heads into production and we take your creation to life.

6. Delivery

After everything is complete, we either ship it, deliver it or you come in and pick it up.

7. The Payment

When you receive your order and are 100% satisfied, we send out a request for payment online as well as a copy of your invoice. From there, you can follow the link to make an online payment or you can send a check.

9. The Follow Up & Review

We consider ourselves a part of your team. For that reason, we follow up to ensure you love your product. There is always room for improvement and that is why we ask.


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